The Lithuanian Kolping Society

Kolping Lithuania


Better people create a better society.

 (Priest Adolph Kolping)


Adolph Kolping

(1813 – 1865)

A catholic priest, one of the most notable leaders of social catholicity in the 19th century and a splendid social educator, whose activity, gained a wide international extent, is being continued nowadays.

The Lithuanian  Kolping Society is a public, non-profit-making, voluntary and independent organization of help and charity, which was founded in the end of 19th century according to the ideas of German catholic priest Adolph Kolping. The society is participating actively in the Church mission all over the world. 



The society in Lithuania was established in 1993 and it is a part of International Kolping Society. The Lithuanian Kolping Society unifies layman of different age from all over Lithuania. Organization‘s main attention is paid to the work and profession, marriage and family, social, state, cultural and leisure fields.

Kolping Society organizes the seminars of Christian social education, democracy and citizenship, organises projects about developing cooperation (help for developing countries), takes part when arranging local and international projects in the social and educational sphere. The Society works with different age groups – children, youth and adults.

Kolping Society considers education as one of the most important tasks, because good professional education is the best guarantee to keep the workplace and gives any person a faithful possibility to asure her/his main demands from the payment. Good professional education can help to gain more confidence in ourselves and consolidate personality. Education by Kolping Society is understood not only as an onetime attainment of knowledge, but as a process of perfection lasting for all our life, and for which every person is responsible by her/his own.

Kolping Families
Local community is called the Kolping family, and its activity is closely connected with parish. Everyone who accepts the ideas of society and attempts to realize them could be a member  of Kolping family. The main objective of Lithuanian Kolping society is to help its members to be true Christians in every field of life: family, work, their professional, spiritual and social activities. Lithuanian Kolping families develop educational, social, agricultural and manufacturing practice. The educational and cultural centre was established in the former Bernardines monastery in Troškūnai (Anykščiai district), and majority of Lithuanian Kolping Society events are held in there.


Youth activities

Youth of Kolping Society developes active work from the year 1994. They are implementing projects of not formal training, realizing international, youth leaders and children summer camps, organizing pupil busyness after lessons.


Institutions of Lithuanian Kolping Society

●  The Kolping University of Applied Sciences is a private non-university higher education institution, granting Professional Bachelor degrees. Kolping University of Applied Sciences offers following seven different programs of studies: Business English, Ecotourism, Finance Accounting of Public Sector, International Business, Child welfare and Social Security, Social work, Law.

● Kolping kindergarten is („Kolpingo mokyklėlė“) another project of Lithuanian Kolping society. The Kindergarten was established in 2011 and it is situated in the old town of Kaunas. The philosophy of an education program of this school is based on educative ideas and philosophy of education of the priest and teacher Adolph Kolping. We uphold the value of family as an institution that fosters and strengthens fundamental moral values of a child.


The Lithuanian Kolping Society

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