2014-10-13 Partner meeting and final International conference in Slovenia.

On 1-2 of October, 2014, representatives of Lithuanian Kolping Society and Kolping University of Applied Sciences Vytaute Eismontaite (Projects Manager) and Evelina Daruliene (Head of the Social Welfare Department) have attended the final conference and 5th partner meeting of the project „Not Patients, but Citizens With Rights“. The 5th partner meeting took place in Ljubliana, Slovenia and project partners from 18 European countries have discussed the achieved project results as well as the existence and expantion possibilities of the European Care Certificate (ECC) after the end of the project.

On 2nd of October the International conference „The European Care Certificate – Professional Social Care Training for the 21st Century!“ was organized and more than one hundred specialists who provide or organize social care servines have attended the event. After the plenary session, review of the results obtained in the project and round table discussion, participants of the conference continued their discussions in three working groups. The first working group, which was attended by both Kolping representatives focused on what are the challenges for social care workers who help people in their homes and how would a social care worker ideally be supported Hile working alone. V. Eismontaite was a rapporteur in this working group and had to make a summary of the working group discussions and to present the results in the plenary session.

During this visit E. Daruliene, the Head of the Social Welfare department at Kolping University of Applied Sciences discussed the possibilities for Kolping UAS social work students to take internship in CUDV Draga, which is a big training, occupation and care centre in Ljubljana. The discussion was successful and in the near future a cooperation agreement between the institutions is expected to be signed. 

ECC (European Care Certificate) was designed with the support of European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme. This certificate has been created to encourage the mobility of care workers across Europe and to create a unified approach to social care services. Currently, ECC certificates are available at eighteen EU countries, but the intention is to spread ECC into all European countries. 
The lead partner of ECC in Lithuania, which has the right to offer the ECC exam in Lithuania is Lithuanian Kolping Society.